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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doom Forge starter players guide

Hello friends in this post I am going to tell you how to play and win doom forge easy up to level 10.Iam a huge fan of Doom Forge.So I am going to tell the how to play doom forge.Its hard for a starter player to know how to play doom forge and how to win without losing and also on which armors and swords you have to spend silver and gold.

Never heard of Doom Forge play it now. Click here to play.Its is the first 3D game on Facebook.It is a real time pvp game still in BETA version.Dont worry it will be alright soon.Want to watch a video of doom forge:

Note:This game cannot be played in your mobile phone or iphone

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What is gold?
         Gold is one of the virtual currency used to buy swords, jeweler and sword.You will get 10gold every5 days.If u miss one day u will have to start once more so dont miss it.You can buy gold also for 50 gold its 48FB credits and 1170gold for 1450FB credits or earn by doing surveys.

What is silver?
          Like gold also silver is one of the virtual currency.You get it after each battle in arena which is so essential for low level players.You can convert your gold to silver too.You can get free silver in trades not the trade in chat.Just click the start button in trades and and select the hour rate.The more hour you select the more silver you get.You can also earn gold from trades.

What are skill points?
            Skill points are used to learn a Skill, or improve your Rank in it, you need Skill Points. You gain one Skill Point each time you gain a Level. The number of Skill Points available to you is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. To assign these to a Skill, simply click on its icon. The Unlearn Skills or Change Your Class item can be used to reset your Skills.

Well this is the skills of the blade masters on 10th level.

What is market?
            Market is the place where you can buy armors,swords, jeweler and magic items.You can use your silver,gold and battle points here.

What is the use of playing skirmish?

        By playing skirmish you get battle points by winning against other players.It is real time PVP but there are some problems because its still in BETA version.It will be fixed soon.You can still play it alright.By winning n skirmish u can earn Battle points for buying royal armors and weapons etc.Royal armors are really good.For the people who does not have money for buying gold these armors and weapons are a boon.But its really hard to earn them you have to play for at least 15 days to earn a royal set armor.But there is a good thing about skirmish if u only play skirmish you can earn lots of silver and gold as it takes more time to earn them.

What is inventory?
                Inventory is the place where your armors,swords and other that you bought is kept and you currently equipped shows. It have the stats of your  character.You can also repair your armors here.

What is stats?

             Stats (Statistics) represent your characteristics, capabilities and achievements in the game. You can check your own at the Backpack tab, under Stats. To see other players' Stats, click on the View icon behind their name in the Chat or in the Hall.You get 5 stats points after each level.You have to add it to any of the stats like stamina(which increases your health),strength(increases attack power of melee weapons,agility(Adds a bonus to Defense),intellect(Increases your Hit Rate and makes your special abilities more effective).

What is Auction house?

               Auction house is the place where you can sell ur gears for silver.You can decide the price for selling the item.To sell ur item.

Inventory-->Click the gear you want to sell-->Click trade-->Set the price-->Click "Okay"

What is health and rage in the combat?

                 Your Health is a measure of your Character's constitution. It is dependent on your Stamina (with increased effect through the Vitality skill) and on bonuses on Equipment.

                 Rage marked as red and with it can use your special moves like stamp,stun,deep cut etc.It does not go more than 100.If u make a move when the rage is in 100 your power of your moves will be doubled.
                                                                              eg:If i have final blow of 110 damage,If the rage is 100 it will be 220.

What is armor?
           This value shows how well your Equipment protects you from physical attacks. It can also be influenced by Agility using the Leather Armor Specialization. 

What is rating and rank?

            Rating and rank is interlinked to each other.  You gain Rating by defeating a worthy opponent. The higher your opponent's Rating is compared to your own, the more Rating you will gain when you win. Defeating someone with a relatively low Rating will gain you less or no Rating. 

            When you have more rating your rank will be also high.If u lose a game your ratings will be down and your ratings will go down.The top portion of this list, with the 100 best ranked players, is shown in the Hall.

What is hall?

         The top 100 players in the game is listed in hall getting there is not easy :-).

How to reset your player?

               Buy Elixer of rebirth from market and use it to reset your player.

How to rename your character?
                 Buy identity scroll from market to rename your character.

   Its really quite simple when you are in the first five level so there are no need for buying armors and sword

1st level
Just win one game and you will be in the second quite simple.If you dont know how to play doom forge watch the following video.Juzzz click the attacks



2nd level
Buy 1 rangers blade(830 silver) from market and level up.If you want buy one pirates tee shirt(550) also.
Dude one man thing always keep on an eye in trade.You can buy things at low price from other players.You will be able to see skill points.


Level 3

In level 3 if you get the charge attack in skills just click it as an attack.It is very essential.With it u can stun others for 3 seconds.I don't recommend you to put counter strike.But you can use 1 skill points for it if u want.Please don't buy anything for gold now try to pick up low level players only.

                                                                           Level 4

In level 4 onwards you need to have a a weapon.Buy dark silver sword and if u have silver upgrade it.
If u find it in the AH buy them at low price.

                                                                            Level 5

Play skirmish for this level and buy royal gears in this way more ratings,great gears + more silver.After buying the gears just level up.

                                                                           Level 6

In this level you get 2 gold hurrah.Save them for the next level :-P.

                                                                           Level 7
In this level its crucial,you need a good sword really badly.Now i think you may buy cursed blade and upgrade it to +2.From this level you have to start collecting the archers set.It is the best set.If it is in the AH buy it if its fair price.Don't forget to buy it.Now level up.Now buy jwellers for u from market.Buy shamanic bone ring.Buy shamanic necklace also.

                                                                           Level 8
If you have archers set upgraded and cursed blade also upgraded and have nice jewelers.Iam sure you will tough among other players.All you have to do is that collect silver for level 10.

                                                                           Level 9
Continue playing and collect silver for next level.
                                                                           Level 10
You come across all the levels and finally ready to choose your class.I will describe about the class you have to choose.

Paladin-You can use a sword and a shield. A Paladin can use any armor of appropriate Level, whether it is made of Cloth, Leather, Mail or Plate, and including Composite Armor. Paladins are limited to the use of One-handed Weapons in their main hand only, but can use a Shield in their off hand.

Blade Master-A Blade Master can use any armor of appropriate Level, with the exception of Plate Armor. Blade Masters can use any One-handed Weapon in their main hand, and Shields in their off hand. They are the only subclass that can as an alternative use both hands to wield Two-handed Weapons.

Berserker- In order not to hinder their freedom of movement, Berserkers only wear armor made of Cloth or Leather, or Composite Armor. For the same reason they will not even consider using those unwieldy Shields. They are however adept at the use of any One-handed Weapon, and are the only subclass that is able to do so in either hand, making them able to Dual Wield.


  • Always remember to collect the victory combo after every 5 wins.
  • Put the highest amount of silver in trades.
  • Fight with people of higher level which u think u can beat for sure.
  • Trade your items(trade in chat)at a fair value.For example if you buy a sword of 1000 silver don't put it for more than 700.If u put below that it will attract other players for sure. 


  • IF u think u can beat higher level beat them it gives more silver as well as more experience
  • Always remember to collect the victory combo after every 5 wins.
  • Buy the seal of experience for more silver and experience.



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