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Friday, October 25, 2013

Star Wars The Old Republic 60 days Prepaid Time discount(50% off)

Hello G2A is giving away Star Wars The Old Republic 60 days Prepaid Time for 50 % off.The actual price of this is 30 euros but it is selling for 14.99 euros.It is the best price in the internet.It is a limited time offer.You can get the time for very low cost.All games in the site are having discounts be sure to check out the home page.

Buy it now on

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Howzat cricket six cheat

Hello i made a cheat for Howzat cricket with this cheat you can hit six on every ball.I wrote the cheat on PDF.So you can all download it and use it whenever you want to rather that visiting my blog all the time.

Visit this link to download the pdf.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ultimate time hack for miniclip 8 ball pool

Hello I found this awesome hack in 8 ball pool.Luckily nobody have found it so far.

It is known as the time hack.You can slow the time which you use to aim to put the ball into the hole.
It will not slow  or speed up the opponents time.In your time you can slow the time to double.It means if you have 2 mins you will get 4 mins.You can use this cheat in tournaments

I wrote it as an eBook because if the 8 ball pool mods know about this cheat they will try to fix it so you can download the cheat.You can download it for free without any surveys without any delay.

Download the eBook here


If you have any doubts just comment.

Comment is the best way to say thanks :-)

If you combine this cheat with aimer lines cheat you will be undefeatable
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to fix svchost.exe no disk error for windows 7

Hello in this post I am going to tell you how to fix svchost error.

This problem is mainly happen when you unplug your pen drive.I don't know the correct reason but i got a fix.You can't cancel or close the error how matter you try well so we have to kill the root of this problem.If it happens again do the this trick.:-).I am not a PC expert so I don't know to fix the problem forever.It may be causing because of some virus problem.Well I am not sure of it.

OK now here is the fix

  1. Press alt+ctrl+del and it will open task manager.
  2. Click the process tab and you will see lots of processes
  3. Find "svchost.exe" and click end process and another end process in the confirmation box.
  4. Now just click Cancel button in the error and you you can see it disappeared :-)
Problem is fixed :-)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

$20 per 1000 download and minimum payout $2

Hello I am going to introduce a site called bitsor which gives you $20 per 1000 download.The best part is the minimum payout is just $2.

  • They pay through alert pay and skrill(moneybookers).
  • They pay for every downloads and not only unique visitors.They pay for all country downloads.
  • People don't have to complete surveys for downloading.
  • You earn 15% of your referrals' earnings in lifetime
I think this is the best paying PPD site because high paying PPD sites have surveys which most people would not like to do.

Register here
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Monday, December 24, 2012

New features on 8 ball pool multiplayer

8 ball pool got rocked now.Now this game is way better than before.It has brought coins and tournaments and the normal 1vs1 have betting system  now.

The prizes for tournament have also come.For entering tournament there is a entry fee.The lowest fee is 25 and the highest now is 2500.There is a cue as a bonus prize also.You will get 6 times the entry fee as your prize if you win the tournament.

There are new achievements as well.They are :-

Moscow Story

First Trophy

Win the London tournament.
Second Trophy

Second Trophy

Win the Sydney tournament.
Trophy Collector

Trophy Collector

Win the Moscow tournament.
One Trophy Left

One Trophy Left

Win Tokyo Tournament.

Sydney Mates

Sydney Mates

Unlocking 1 vs 1 in Sydney.

Moscow Comrades

Moscow Comrades

Unlocking 1 vs 1 in Moscow.

Tokyo Nakama

Tokyo Nakama

Unlocking 1 on 1 in Tokyo.

London Whisper

London Whisper

London calling. Unlock the tournament in London.

Sydney Rumor

Sydney Rumor

Unlock the Sydney tournament.

Moscow Story

Unlock the tournament in Moscow.

Tokyo Legend

Unlock the Tokyo Tournament.
Right on Cue

Right on Cue

Buy your first cue

Now the game is super cool

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How to play Age of Empires multiplayer online

If you have age of empires game and want to play online visit this website

This site have daily AOE players and there's a rating feature also which is unique.

I found this site interesting so I shared. Hope you like it too :-)
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